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NEWS 6/10/2019

For those of you who knew her, I just wanted to let you know
Joan passed away last saturday June 8th.

Joan has been organizing this volleyball game for probably 20-30 years now, I've lost track.
Always good spirited and lightening up the game whenever she played.
And if you didn't know, she handled all the bureaucracy of getting us the yonker gym every year.
She will be missed.

Email me if you want to be added to our email list which I send email to
when I know when and where games will be.

We're meeting at PS32 in Yonkers at 7:30pm on mondays only.
Their address is 1 montclair place, yonkers, ny 10710.
Here's a link to it on google maps:
This is so cute, tinyurl supports vanityurls now...

If you can make it, but don't want to commit unless you see
enough other people put in "I will come if I see 6 other people." That way
you'll be counted by other people doing the same thing.

If you're new and are looking for a volleyball game and came across this page,
and you want to join our game in the greenburgh/yonkers area, send me an email and I'll put you on the list.
My email address is at the bottom of the page.

Please enter your name and whether or not you can make it to volleyball on the date indicated.
If you select no, you can add the lame excuse as to why you can't make it.
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This is a loosely knit group of friends and amateur volleyball players. We used to meet at Kensico Dam Park in Valhalla (thus damvolleyball), but the Westchester County Parks department seem to think that excercise is bad for us and is no longer allowing sports of any kind except for rollerblading, bicycling and of course, lawn darts at Kensico Dam Park. So now we play at Ridge Road park on Ridge Road in Hartsdale. We meet every Monday and Wednesday that it's not raining. Actually, that's not entirely true. We meet at Ridge Road park during the summer.
okay that's not true anymore, we play at gould park, the direction and location information is listed above if it's summer.
Actually that's not true anymore either. Now we play at gould park in dobbs ferry. But the top of the page explains that better, and nobody really reads down this far anyway.
When it's not summer, we play at PS32 in Yonkers. You can get directions from maps.google.com by putting this in: MONTCLAIR PL YONKERS, NY 10710, US
One thing people mistake because I'm not clear about it: we don't play on sand, we play on the grass, so bring appropriate footwear if you come to play. Erm, that's for when we play in the park. In the PS32 gym, it's hardwood floor, so you kinda need sneakers.
In the summer we play from 6pm or so until it gets too dark to play, and in the winter we play from 7:00 (or 7:30) till 9:00pm or so.
There is no fee for playing in the summer. There is a small one time fee if you're a regular at the yonkers gym, because the cost of the permit for the gym goes up every year and it's unfair to burden just a few people with the entire cost. This year's (2016-2017) split is $25 per person for the season. Please see joan about payment, she's keeping track of who paid what. Please bring your contribution the first time you come to play. It is unfair to burden joan with the cost of the permit until people feel like paying her back. We put in all the effort or organize and set up the equipment for free, all you have to do is show up. But the permit fee is something we can't do anything about so if you're going to play ball, please play ball and bring $25 with you the first time you show up. It's still by far the best deal you'll get to play volleyball anywhere.
If you think playing volleyball in a not-super-competitive way is fun, just stop by and introduce yourself.

House Rules.
Anybody is welcome to play with us as long as you follow our small set of rules:

1. You must have fun.
2. You must not keep anybody else from having fun.
3) Anybody caught breaking rules one or two will be asked to leave.
4) Play volleyball within some reasonable percent error of abuse of the rules. (see rule #1)
5) Ya gotta try. Everybody is welcome to play but it's a lot more fun for everybody if you put some energy into it.
6a) If anybody spikes the ball into the net, or completely whiffs while trying to spike the ball, everybody must yell "STUUUUUUUU." As an aside, it wouldn't be terribly inappropriate to yell "STUUUUUUUUU" on any bad play.
6b) If you manage to spike the ball on yourself, you can yell "DPAT." (pronounced "DEE-PAT")
6c) If you spike the ball such that the first bounce is more than twice the distance of the court away, that's called an "Aimen"
7) The 10 second rule. If we ever spend more than 10 seconds discussing the outcome of a play, it's an automatic do-over. If you MUST continue to argue the point, you are only allowed another 5 seconds. At the 15 second mark, a water/shoe tying/bathroom break will be called. See rule #1.
7a) If there's a disagreement but there's only one or two people who are taking a side, they lose the argument, the 10 second rule applies to disagreements where there are a bunch of people taking different sides. Again, see rule #1.
8) No kicking the ball into stu's head.
9) This only applies when playing indoors: if you score a basket, it's two points for the team of the person who made the shot regardless of who's serving. I think this has only happened once since I've been playing, but I thought I'd write it down. Of course making the basket will cause you to lose the serve, but you get two points for it. If you can somehow manage this while playing outside, you will also get two points. Garbage cans don't count. (Historical note: Congratulations to Dennis J. for being the first person to pull this off in yonkers, on 12/19/2005, last game of the year) Another historical note: Although I can't remember the exact day, it was sometime in February 2006, in an attempt to return the ball, Rob M. managed to kick the ball from one side of the gym to the opposing basket and get it in. Rather impressive sight. And for my personal best, first game of the 2006 winter season, I scored my first basket, 11/13/06
10) When we play outside, you are allowed to hit the ceiling with no penalty.

Some tips and other notes:
We have our own set of rules, we don't play by french international rules, we don't play by Olympic volleyball rules. We play by our rules that we all agreed upon over many years.
Here is a list of volleyball rules, and the size of the list should be some indication why we don't follow any of them. http://www.volleyball.com/rules.aspx
We don't play feet. Although if you score a basket by accidently kicking the ball, it counts. But otherwise, kicking loses you the serve. Some people are at a loss why we don't play feet. Here's why: some of us dive on the floor to get the ball, and if you kick it, some of us (read: me) get kicked in the face. If you don't understand why we don't play feet, I'll kick you in the face and then you'll understand. :-)
The following two rules are going into effect starting the 2008 Yonkers season.
If the ball hits the net on the serve, you can still play the ball. This doesn't mean you can attack the serve, just that the ball hitting the net on the way over is okay.
We now play a rule where if it hits the ceiling on your side and stays on your side you can still play it. It makes for more continuous play and everybody seems okay with it.
Don't egregiously attack the serve. Preferably, don't do it at all.
I've played with many groups of people and there's a million interpretations of if you're allowed to reach over the net to block. Since this kind of play causes a lot of ambiguity as to what's over and what's not over rather than make a rule about it, if its 'really bad' then we do it over. Sounds vague but it generally works out.
Try and remember that the other team gets three hits. Don't reach over the net to take away their second or third hit. Some people get all excited about stuffing the ball that they forget it's not their ball until it comes over the net.
All that said, it's still plenty of fun.

Capacity planning:
You can reasonably fit 6 people per side. If you rotate in two more people on each side of the court that's 8 people per side, 16 people max occupancy.
If there's more than 16 people, at the start of the next game, we form 3 teams, and we play rally scoring.
That means that every serve scores a point. If your side screws up, the other team gets a point, regardless of who served the ball. The rest of the rules are the same as normal.
This makes the game go quicker so that the third team gets to play sooner.
There's no particular rule that decides which team sits out first, it's usually whoever stops to take a drink of water. :-)
But after the first game, the winning team stays on for one more game. After the second game, it doesn't go by winning team, we just rotate out whoever's played two games in a row. This is the fairest way to do it.

A few suggestions: Since we don't have the gym that long, and I personally like to maximize playing time, if we're rotating out take your drink break while you're not playing. If everybody does this then we can save a lot of time between games and play more.

This web site is to serve as a meeting notice and communication center for our games. Since it is loosely organized, sometimes we fail to get enough people to play. And that's not fair to the people who do show up to play. So I've set up this site so for any given day, you can post that you're going to show so you can know there's enough people to play.

Thanks to Derrick for the pretty html :-)

I have an email list that I send out game reminders and news to, if you would like to be included on this list, send me an email.
If you want to contact me about volleyball in westchester or anything else, my email address is spamme at deadpelican.com
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